Arkansas Elite Turf bases all of our programs on early detection of issues, frequent observations, preventative care and the use of various treatment options. Understanding how plants thrive is essential. We look at the overall environment your plants are growing in and make targeted applications and recommendations based on those findings. 

In designing a custom healthy plant care program for your property, we will carefully access the overall health of your plants and base all recommendations on the specific needs of each of these plants. Some of the components of a healthily plant care program  may involve fertilization, insect and disease control, accurate pruning, accurate mulching and accurate watering.

Our highly knowledgeable staff will provide you with the most cost effective and environmentally friendly methods for maintaining the overall health & beauty of your valuable landscape.

Your Trees & Shrubs 
are a big part of the beauty 
for your lawn and your home, 
make certain they are 
healthy and well cared for. 
Arkansas Elite Turf, LLC, Lawn & Tree Care, Hot Springs, AR