We believe our program to be the best viable option available at this time to be environmentally friendly or "GREEN". While not organic in nature, our program consists of products with the lowest carbon footprint available while maintaining our Elite quality standards. 

Our program prevents the majority of weeds from germinating and has a very low leeching potential which keeps the active ingredients where they are suppose to be. We also use an absorption activator. This ensures that 95% of the post emergent weed control is absorbed into the plant within 1 hour. This limits any runoff that could occur if we have a significant rainfall following the application.

We spot treat any break through weeds to limit the amount of products used while again using the absorption activator. 

The fertilizer we use will either be liquid or granular. both forms will be treated with a Nitrogen stabilizer. This limits leeching, runoff, and vaporization which are the major sources of fertilizer pollution. Basically it bonds the Nitrogen in a plants usable form and keeps it there for the plant to use over an extended period. 

AET also uses foliar applied fertilizers. These fertilizers are designed for quick absorption into the plant. The majority of the ingredients are organic (seaweed kelp extract, humic acids, and naturally occurring growth hormones) with the exception being small amounts of synthetic fertilizers that when applied are fractions of the level that has long been the standard in the industry. 

Arkansas Elite Turf, LLC, Lawn & Tree Care, Hot Springs, AR
One of the most significant issues we face today is the contamination of surface and drinking water. We believe the steps we take limit the majority of these risks. Although our program is not "organic", we believe to be environmentally friendly or "Green" if you will. 

We would be more than happy to sit down and discuss any and all questions you may have.